In the Spotlight

Experience of a Lifetime!


March 2021

Yesterday I had a chance to celebrate my 72nd birthday with my grandkids and their parents . A couple of days earlier I was in Fairbanks, Alaska catching the Aurora Borealis lights; both experiences were phenomenal ! Shortly after seeing the northern lights I wrote the following: We saw what We came to see , it was almost as if God was laying his hand down to touch us . The lights stretched across almost the entire horizon. There were magnificent colors of green , red , yellow and seemingly so much more that was almost within our reach . It all made us feel pure joy as the lights pranced and danced that gave us a feeling as if we were all one , one child playing with God and he smiled, knowing we all felt him and his love . Thank you Lord for being with us in this very special way. The lights stretched from the northwest to the southeast. They ran high up the sky, then went higher in several parallel Grooves, then they continued on arching With one stretch of lights making almost a circle and others continuing to arch overhead and broaden as they went nw. Then they came down toward the horizon and twisted and turned as they broadened out in parallels again. Our heads were constantly moving across this horizon light as it sometimes changed within seconds to a new form or moved slightly slower in a twisting , churning way . Then we’d have to move our heads abruptly to catch the lights dancing and changing colors at the same time, then it abruptly Changed to appearing like the hands of a pianist sharing a new piece of musical art that skipped across the sky. Then we had to crane our necks in a different direction to catch a glimpse of a new one of a kind creation of constantly changing art in the sky. The Experience continued to get better and better by the minutes, which turned into many many minutes before it all started to fade slowly, all of us asking , oh this can’t be the end. Truly the skies do become a piece, a glimpse of heaven, a heaven for all of us to reach thru the stars to some day to be with our creator. There are many windows to heaven, But this one we can see, almost feel, but certainly believe in because we we’re there together, not wanting this collective moment to disappear. We know, we really do want , “I want one more again “, but if it doesn’t happen I will have been reminded that God is everywhere, he created everything, we can see God everyday in who we are, who we experience, appreciate the nature of it all and know that “ the lights” are but just another revelation of God’s grace. I’m very blessed to have my family, good health and continue to experience all of Gods many wonders…….

Mike Jones