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Cafego's Aurora View Farms B&B/Tours

Here at Cafego’s, we try very hard to make your vacation the best it can be. We have a very clean B&B open most days of the year. With our partners and friends in the business, we can find the tours you are interested in and recommend many activities to fill your days and nights.

The Northern Lights

With the Aurora Borealis, it’s the experience, the anticipation, the not knowing when, where, how long it may last feeling that is fun. It is a natural phenomenon after all. Never guaranteed. What is guaranteed is if you book a tour through us, you will be treated with the best possible tour experience there is.

We don’t always get a grand show where the sky lights up. The data may be great, a show is expected, and … Nothing. Then again, we may have no data, no solar winds, no chance at all scientifically and boom, Aurora show of the year. The sun’s energy, earth’s weather, and our atmosphere play a huge part in what we see. Will it be a barely-seen green line that lasts a second? I’m happy with that! Will it be an Aurora show where you are up all night? I am good with that also!

For more information on the Aurora, check out the Aurora Borealis Notifications Group. Amy and the crew try really hard to answer questions and to help visitors around the world plan, see, and experience the Aurora.

Tours & Transfers

Our “best possible tour experience” guarantee extends to all of our offerings:

  • Local tours: Fairbanks, Chena Hot Springs, wilderness, flightseeing
  • Local transfers to all local tours

For the Alaska train and Anchorage area tours we refer you to Salmonberry Tours for a great 5-star experience.

Thanks to all prior guests and tour industry friends, let’s have a great Summer and Aurora season!

Tony & Laina Cafego